Waste Hauler: Waste Pro USA
Garbage Pickup: Thursday
Yard Waste Pickup: Monday
Recycle Pickup: Friday - Next week and every other week afterwards
Bulk Pickup: Friday - Next week and every other week afterwards
Tire Pickup: Thursday
Appliance Pickup: Thursday

Report suspicious activity to JSO online by clicking here, calling the non-emergency line at (904) 630-0500 or by calling 911 in an emergency.

Please remember that trash and recycle bins must be hidden from street view

Close garage doors at night and lock vehicle doors

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't we have keys to the pools?
Residents no longer need keys to the pools. A Pool Monitor is assigned to both pools during their hours of operation.
You will need to be a member in good standing and have a photo ID to be granted access to the pools.

 Who do I contact for parking issues? For example: parking on the street, semi parked in the community, car blocking the sidewalk, etc...
Contact Jacksonville City Services by calling 630-CITY. It is a city issue, not an issue for the Sheriff’s Office.

Who do I call for violations of the CC&R’s or other property issues?
Contact your Community Manager, @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You can also notify the board by filling out the form on the website under the "Report Violations & Concerns" tab.

 Who do I contact if I see that a streetlight is out?
Contact JEA online by clicking here.