Architectural Review Committee & Hearing Committee Meeting

Monday, July 29, 2024 6:00 p.m. at the Front Pool or via Microsoft Teams - 1813 Willesdon Dr East

Topic: Sutton Lakes ARC Meeting



If you are looking to make any exterior changes to your property, you must receive approval from the Architectural Review and Compliance.
Click here to view our monthly inspection guidelines. Any changes made to your property, without ARC approval, may result in fines, removal (at your expense), and/or legal action.

Download the Architectural Review and Compliance request form here


Changes needing approval include but are not limited to:

• Additions to or changes to fence
• Driveway changes
• Mailbox changes
• Exterior paint/trim changes - Color Wheel
• Siding changes
• Installation/Removal of trees
• Landscape bed installation
• Roof changes
• Pool/Hot Tub installation
• Screened/Glass enclosures
• Window installation
• Patio/decks/docks changes or installation


The Architectural Review and Compliance Committee (ARC) meets on the Last Monday of each month and will review/approve/deny all submitted requests at this meeting. Requests can be expedited if it is required.

Please submit all requests to management by mail or email one week prior to the meeting.

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Front Pool 1813 Willesdon Dr East